Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

I’m here ,now what?!

Finally, muhfuckas says to themselves everyday I’m gonna friend Sly1, hoping to be accepted, if it ain’t true,then LEAVE Now!  Unfriend me @ Sly Cain  immediately cause without this page being a liked page, the capacity allows up to 5,000 to join. So, don’t bull shit my friend acceptance… I could of made room easily before you muhfuckas put in a requisition and not welcome you muhfuckas @ all..  So now that you’re here, respect my terms of policy, Niggas!!! Here’s where your opinion doesn’t matter… Muhfuckas, you are a guess on my page, rather I chose to make you a permanent residence or not… This is the epitome of blogging and interacting with Sly1, Now you know where I stand…



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