Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

I see muhfuckas on Facebook, I say shit about… I’m sure you thought the same shit about me… Except, niggas I am the same muhfucka you see now… I’m not that muhfucka you didn’t get to know 30 years ago because I wasn’t living here, and most of you niggas weren’t born regardless where I came from and some of you were snot nose muhfuckas when I got here.
So, therefore lots of you muhfuckas over the years has changed from shit to more serious shit…
I see shit with my own eyes without peeking & I hear shit with my own ears without ear hustlin… You muhfuckas love blabbing your biz,careless niggas thinking muhfuckas aren’t paying attention to you wack muhfuckas.
I really don’t know you muhfuckas, just as y’all  don’t know me… But at least I keep to myself minding my business… You muhfucka got too much bull shit going on publicly, exposing shit nobody inquire to know… I know shit about you niggas now, where I can only say to myself ”

i know now



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