Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

I blog for fun & purpose

It’s no brainer you muhfuckas clearly can see I have fun blogging from many personalities and perspectives rather they’re yours I’m feeling or mine.  It’s the creativity that makes me feel so invigorating and the constant thoughts randomly storming my mind.
I do this shit on a regular basis without anyone help… I think for myself, fucked up or not.. It’s my blogs and you muhfuckas opinion doesn’t matter… Besides, I know you muhfuckas read my shit rather you want to admit it or not… It’s the fact that it’s me,the nigga you love to silence me ,thinking you’re the next story possibly told…
You niggas don’t need my help getting throw under the bus…  You muhfuckas do the stupidest shit on your own…
You muhfuckas life is a blog for daily reading… I reserved all the real shit about yourselves that you prefer to keep a secret… That’s cool, but it has nothing to do with me, whereas I blog any situation,  I will… don’t tempt me muhfuckas,anything in the blogging world is  free game, access for the world to read.
Besides, muhfuckas, though I’m an amateur ,I do this shit professionally.




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