Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Celebrity sh*t!

It’s fucked up! to hear people with money speak about it as if, money doesn’t matter…
Muhfuckas always saying bull shit like” money isn’t everything”.  O’yeah, but ,it damn near is very close to being everything if you were to ask me that shit…
We all know that money is a necessity.
It’s also a tool to a lot of doors people that are in poverty can’t open…
Money does more good & bad having it than to do badly without it…
I rather have problems with money than without it…
But, what makes me sick to hear…
a wealthy muhfucka or famous muhfucka say stupid shit that already have money say,
” money isn’t everything”. That’s why I don’t listen to bull shit regardless who says it ,especially CELEBRITY SHIT!



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