Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Waiting for a miracle

Fuck it! Go head it’s on your time, not mine. It doesn’t matter to me cause I don’t wait on shit… And fuck ah nigga telling me ” patience is a virtue”. Nigga,if I could get a nickel every time I heard that shit ,I’ll be a POOR fucken six figure muhfucka… But, again its only time & I ain’t got none to waste fucken with a nigga that ain’t got shit .But, to tell me how to wait for shit! Nigga, please! At least be an example of a muhfucka that waited for something patiently watching it materialize into something you wished.
Until any THING or nigga show me different than what I’m accustomed to witnessing… Don’t tell me or remind shit about WAITING FOR A MIRACLE.



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