Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Be nicer they say

I guess if I was to speak to you whiners every now & then, I figure you’ll feel more comfortable than usual knowing my FB account is still realistically as always.
Unlike you niggas with accounts seemingly fake considering the bulky, bull shit you post… It’s no wondering about me… You muhfuckas see the writing on the wall, you all have read my bio… It’s self-explanatory muhfuckas, I’m real all-day every day… It’s you, niggas, trying to impress muhfuckas with all your built up bios of fabricated bull shit… How can you muhfuckas get upset and say someone tries to slander your fake name nshit. Nigga ,you aren’t a brand or a household name muhfucka…
Muhfuckas straighten out your ( 💩shit) & edit your profile again & come correct. Nobody respects an impostor.
From now when I speak, maybe I can BE NICER THEY SAY .



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