Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

I knew a woman claimed she loved me and wanted to be with me but didn’t want to marry me, believing it’s safer to stay single… Here’s the confusing shit where I drew the line.
She wants to give another muhfucka from her past another chance that didn’t give ah fuck about her when she was dating this nigga.
She tells me ” all we can do is fuck & dine out secretly” Now, remind you she’s a woman of the cloth, other than my bed sheets… She prefers I have a girlfriend other than her so she believes it’s fair to have a two-way love affair…
I’m thinking cool at first but feelings fall deeper and sex more frequently…  You would think after all the sex & meets she might reconsider her position in this awkward relationship… unbelievable, after two years of the same acts of me cheating and her deciding to keep the other guy that morals might finally take place… But as my heart and hers she so openly admitted to me how much she loves me… I was amazed and in disbelief at the same time… I asked her is she ready to take this to another level and the answer was no again… She has no remorse sexin me knowing that I have a girlfriend… I’m guilty as charge and ashamed I got caught up fucking Eve crazy ass, standing there in her fatal attractive panties… Bitch! The 😈 I knew it and I couldn’t resist.
I figured early on SHE WAS & IS SEDUCTIVE!!!



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