Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

It’s bad when you don’t give ah fuck about your appearance in public and you know it’s distasteful… At what point you realize you are something nobody want to see? Especially in a public place of decent folks…
This today’s society in most cases,we still value morality nshit…
Fuck you losers !!! Those of you thinking house shoes are public foot wear nshit…
Muhfuckas wearing a head full of hair rollers, multiple colors, visible wearing a see through raggedy scarf. Why do grown people believe pajamas or fashionable to wear publicly…
When you’re grown, home trained or not, its time that you take charge of your life and you should know what is appropriate and inappropriate… Niggas are a special species of the ” I don’t give ah fuck tribe”. They’ll show you how ridiculous they can be not presentable…
They are tribal trash, look how they dress for attention that doesn’t have any significance representing shit… Next time you’re in a public place, I guarantee you will see some weirdo shit… SOME FOLKS JUST DON’T CARE.



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