Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

I blog simple sh*t

…see how simple my title for this blog…I’m directing this to high I.Q’s readers…they see the simplicity of my style of blogging and then they want to ridicule and insult my intelligence before drawing a ingenious conclusion explaining why people of my stature shouldn’t blog because I haven’t received an English degree in literature or writing, claiming my topics has no interest for discussions for people who are Scholars with graduate degrees …I’m classified as dumb shit to these now alumni’s. Listen to you highly astound geniuses ,I am a blogger & well-respected in blogger’s community…So,Fuck yourselves alone with your high society & your derogatory remarks… Call me the simplest guy on earth if you will…You & any other smarties cannot discourage me. Muhfuckas! Yall doesn’t matter, I don’t have to be brilliant, tho I’m not dumb @ all… I can blog whatever I choose too. Classic shit! I choose to use my own style, I BLOG SIMPLE SHIT.




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