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Who’s who???

I can’t tell who’s who before church & after church,which is it ,Christian or ??? , I try to understand niggas and their religious habits like asking everyone to pray for you, when they have the same troubles as you and I’ve seen some whereas nothing has changed for them… I witnessed a lot of fakes practicing Christianity and they tell me they are & among other people of so-called faith… Niggas every day making judgment calls on others that aren’t in agreement with them as if ,they were appointed by god himself… That’s the tradition if you’re chosen to look for everyone to bow down to their leader & the church has chaos within itself… What kind of shit is that? You ask muhfuckas to join something that has no order with their current members.
I hear these same niggas said God spoke to them again, but of course it’s always at nite during bedtime, I guess God is prowling in people visions at night, only past 10p.m.
But how can any of you tell me what faith to be when in fact you don’t have full understanding yourselves of Thee word.
Okay, muhfuckas!  You get angry at me because I don’t know what to believe or what you think or may believe is the truth. But you are the same muhfuckas that told me not to judge anybody… Hypocrites, I guess that only applies to those that aren’t Christians,Right?!  it’s all the other religions that are supposedly wrong according to Christians…
That in itself is wrong teaching because you’re judging whos wrong from right… Haters are delivering the word you were brought up to believe is the only words of God… I’m asking all of you that claim you know God & the bible… How the fuck you figure you know the truth when your very own leaders have been charged with misleading people using scripture?  by men of your faith with a reminder of jesus you niggas wears a necklace ,a crucifixion . Muhfuckas,committing other acts of crimes while being a humble servant in the church and outside the church… I’m no way qualified to be judgemental of any religion… It’s probably why I can’t tell any of you WHO’S WHO???




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