Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Cry for help!

It’s a gotdamn shame you can’t mind your business for the hatred these niggas & silly bitches got for you because, you won’t associate with their trouble asses…
You should hear these muhfuckas, if you got time to waste fucken with this small shit…
Muhfuckas hate you because you aren’t interested in their bull shit… Niggas mad at you what they can’t afford.  These are the stupidest, vindictive muhfuckas on the planet…
These muhfuckas wants to vandalize your property as if your car drove roboticlly to their home and call them out for a brawl…
Sick niggas without a life. So they go after you in high pursuit stalking until you retaliate and wiped they asses off the face of the earth… at my age, I’m good! I’ve seen everything been there & done that, whereas these muhfuckas haven been further than McDonalds in a 10 mile radius from their house… After all the smoke clears from the bull shit these niggas initiated, now they want to act cowardly and CRY FOR HELP!





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