Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Neighborhood hoes

…you are probably one, more than likely if you have a fucken complaint about this blog… Bitches & Hoes be hating on any woman that’s not or don’t want to be part of their ratchetness.
Funky ass hoes ,jealous cause they can’t find new tricks to fuck off cheap tricks with their nasty asses…
I see these hoes all the time eyeballing ah muhfucka to get @ them… These hoes are scandalous fucken with other women’s men trying bring chaos in people homes that don’t want to fool with these hoes…
I understand hoes need money & bitches tryna trap ah nigga in some petty shit. But seriously, ah muhfucka like me ain’t fucken with no shit talking, loud mouth bitches and definitely not fucken with no NEIGHBORHOOD HOES.




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