Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Chase money…

…these niggas aren’t driven like the O.G’s from yesterdays hustlers,unlike you niggas today…
These  muhfuckas lifestyles are dependent upon their girlfriends for shelter ,regardless the rut she’s living.. These niggas busy makin babies ,hoping it gives them leverage & stability, bogarting their way into a woman’s home without any means of income, then here comes the takeover causing chaos & disruption forcing family members to intervene nshit.
Constant turmoil throughout her life ,her self-esteem is diminishing. She has nothing left in her tired days & counting…
I actually feel sorry for some women without the protection of a male figure in the home or near by family… Cold ass niggas, won’t ever amount to shit! Dangerous for all people that want a life without the invasion of niggas…  These young ladies today are wasting their life depending on these lazy ass muhfuckas…
They don’t have the drive or initiative to CHASE MONEY…



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