Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage


They aren’t the slightest bit concern about your existence… It’s you muhfuckas that make it your priority to be seen & feel the need to be noticed, hoping if your discovery can somehow influence others to feel sympathy for you, thinking you can persuade someone to friend your lonely asses… You muhfuckas most definitely sound like people that are mentally disturbed, desperately in need of professional psychiatric treatment & under constant surveillance…  Niggas are intolerable @ any level of behavior manner… It’s no way possible the characteristics you niggas display are in anyway civilized ,whereas people would find you muhfuckas acceptable in today’s society… Go back to your burial grounds where your dead souls birth and leave the rest of us alone that have a life & soul… You muhfuckas wouldn’t understand what its like to have some order in your life as we do in ours…
You muhfuckas are way too much tune into THEM!



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