Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

I peep @ their pages

Go see how muhfuckas correspond with some of their members,the ones you least expected and see the shit with your own eyes…
” You be like damn!!! Not these muhfuckas after all the bull shit they been through”
Then realized time has gone by and YOU NIGGAS  forgive the muhfuckas… Well,Fuck that! I don’t give muhfuckas second chances unless it’s immediate family and siblings nshit…
Everything else is ” hell to da naw”.
It almost tickles me ,because I kinda felt after a few feuds with one another they’ll ONEDAY be back in each other’s good grace…  Again,that’s okay for you muhfuckas not me… Some stains just don’t wash out regardless how strong the detergent…
I just scroll through Facebook and notice the shit talkers that were so unforgiven are now kissing ass,using that slogan I don’t buy into…
” the past is the past” … Tell Kunta Kinte that shit,Lol… I’m just saying ,I was taken by certain members when I PEEP @ THEIR PAGES.



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