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grown lady shi*

there’s certain things younger ladies shouldn’t wear, simply because they’re too young…
For one… Red nails, ANY length, are not really for any girl with “teen” in her age, or younger. A 20-year-old can even be giggled at, depending on the girl.
Red is a very mature color, and wearing it on something sophisticated such as pretty fingernails, it could come off as “fast” or “grown”.
Red nails are something you earn the rights to wear…

Like black panties & bra’s…
Black underclothes ARE NOT for young chicks…. It’s just toooo…..
SEXY! Yes, sexy.

When I was in jr.high school, My mom told me that I couldn’t pick out black bras or panties from the store (not that I tried to, not that I was interested). When I asked “why not?”.. She told me
“you’re just not old enuff”…

Then there’s certain types of designer heels (or knock off’s) that are just WAY too mature for young girls.

The best way I can explain it is, there’s certain age groups that appreciate certain things/fashion. And young women just haven’t earned the rights to rock grown ass lady fashion.
it’s simple


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