Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

I knew her long ago and now she has surfaced again & dug up old feelings on water out flames.
The ground is still soft & wet unlike her… My mind is clear, tho that might sound a little sexual…  But, believe me ,my heart left with the flood, it was washed out too.
This bitch bulldozed every part of my heart into the ground , caved in along with mudslides…  She buried what we had so deep, a quake couldn’t shake me free to surface these grounds no more regardless how dry the land is now..
Satan is no match for her body counts of underground burials from breaking hearts.
You couldn’t find a bottle with a genie inside to grant enough wishes to escape the dagger she stabbed in my heart… If you ever wanted to meet the coldest ,diabolical bitch to ever fuck, after leaving you & sucking you dry in every sense of the word sucking…
just drive further staying to the left.
You’ll enter on route 66 SHE LIVES 6 MILES DOWN.



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