Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

My Facebook will

After I’m gone my page will be inactive, shut down… There won’t be nobody as acting administrator, no R I.P’s for me. My page will self-destruct if any muhfuckas tries to resuscitate the muhfucka, especially after it has expired just as I have too… I will not have a funeral service. I will disappear immediately, don’t shed no tears for me. Because, I’m no different than what you all have been on this earth, nothing short of being imperfect & fucked up!
Like me, we all said shit about the very muhfuckas we buried ahead of us nshit.
We all have done sinful shit that nobody cares rather you are forgiven or not.
Fuck that!  No service held for me by no muhfuckas. You niggas think you deserve everything good & rightous ,but hate to know what you muhfuckas should rightfully get what’s coming to your asses …this is my last will and testament…
Nigga, when my time come I’m outtie, dropping the mic in the furnace.
Muhfuckas! You might be better off leaving without a trace too.




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