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The unbreakable bond between a parent & child only a mother can have… Men paints images into his son’s mind but women builds the bond starting from the womb before the complete developing of the baby.
This is why a woman shouldn’t be a fool of any sort of negativity. No she isn’t a, perfect mother, but she needs to be a mature ready to nourish mother. She needs to be an able teacher to her child raising him preparing him for the father… The mother is the first disciplinary, she carries the iron fist first, introducing him to the world before the leadership of a father takes over… This is why we can’t allow society to educate our women ,keeping them ignorant to what the family foundation is built to be.
Black women need to stop planting negative shit in their sons minds… Stop all the feminism activities entering your sons in predominantly female events… They are boys not sissy’s nshit… Stop sleeping with your sons after 6years old. It becomes girly shit! That’s not the start of a boy learning his way to boyhood which one day will carry over to manhood… For any mother without a doubt to believe different… Look @ your sons, if he isn’t a little feminine, then you are lying to yourself & you are not seeing what the world can see… We need boys to be boys not daughters… You see them muhfuckas, don’t live in denial… Parents take your rightful place and let nature take its course. Mothers, don’t let your sons witness every thing you should be doing in private… We all just need to let what they were meant to be… Fathers ,daughters and MOTHERS & SONS.




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