Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

…how come niggas glorifies dope like it’s a trophy of great accomplishment. Niggas bragged about how stupid they had near death situations nshit.
When did the sick thought of suicide became trendy shit.
How is it women contaminating their womb is fine for drugs recreational.
Younger guys are becoming more incompetent & gay ,having low sperm count statistically. Drugs are killing everything ,your mind & body until death do you part.
Married into a life of drugs, niggas of all nationalities are acting as proud users…
Shit! Sounds like an ad for an advertisement agency.
Today’s youth need to smell themselves for what they are, while sipping on prescription cough syrup nshit. Parents lose their child every day ,one day at a time until they can’t return from drug usage… Muhfuckas nowhere won’t intervene & interact with their own children nowadays, cause the parents are only 10 years older than their child… Life isn’t hard to cope with, it’s the peer pressure from other people that makes it harder for the weaker. Parents these days aren’t any better.



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