Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

You make the call

Sex was all she wanted because it’s nothing else we do… All we do is sneak & fuck ,cheat & lie… My life was cool until I started fucking the devil bitch . She does everything right to get you in bed & she’ll cut you off after a nut… The bitch uses muhfuckas for sex only… You can’t go anywhere with her,dare to be seen out in public cause she has a mysterious way of attracting others drawing all eyes on her… She’ll mesmerize any man caught staring at her… All she wants is the dick… You’ll think at least once she might have a heartfelt moment with you because of the private sneaky time you two spend fucking… But no,this cold-blooded bitch has no heart… All we did was fuck! If this was you and involved with her ,tell me what would you do…



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