Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

I don’t play

Once, I had to personally inform a muhfucka my page isn’t for silly games or your personal interactions… Fuck you!  This is my page for whatever I chose. It’s not optional for any suggestions or niggas being opinionated how or what you muhfuckas think how issues about my page should be addressed… This is my page Sly1 , not that crappy shit you muhfuckas display with back to back selfies nshit same pose different hat… I don’t desire shit you muhfuckas display ,especially street brawls of teen boys throwing gay hissy-fits nshit… What the fuck happened to boys wanting to be men & girls wanting to grow into motherhood… Girls want more pussy than males & dudes in his homies ass more than toilet tissue… Fucked up! Muhfuckas going out backwards like that’s the kinds of shit normal people want to view on muhfuckas timeline nshit… Fuck that!!! Don’t expect stupid ass niggerisms & punk ass fuckery nshit on my page, because it’s not and won’t ever be seen on my page, rather you know now me or not. I’m not the muhfucka you niggas want to fuck wit. You muhfuckas like drama & bullshit on your page. Not me!
Muhfuckas! I DON’T PLAY.



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