Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

nonsensical sh*t

…mindless bitches, walking billboards for everybody else’s advertisement… Niggas wearing T-shirts without meaningful messages.
You see our youth wearing Tees with negative images of black people published by white printshops owners exploiting black people making a mockery out of us… Stupid niggas are buying into whatever any other people have to publish…
Negros are wearing t-shirts with Hollywoods, infamous very own, well-known tramp. Marilyn Monroe, name & face across their chest as if she is the Queen of Sheba… Ask one of them, dumb niggas, why are they wearing a shirt of a historian whore and drug user… A famous dick sucker… They’ll be angry @ me for the truth. Fuck em!!!
This the shit America sell to you uniformed muhfuckas, you’ll buy it and wear it like it’s part of a black power movement nshit…
I’m embarrassed trying to explain to you niggas, brainwashed behavior still remains and is embedded in your minds till this day.
Niggas! Here is something to brand your chest and it’s the truth… Wear a T-shirt with the first real & only * Betty Boop *  the originator … pay homage to a black woman if you have to wear a T-shirt thats meaningful, here she is, “Baby Ester” Jones… The real Betty Boop & voice for the cartoon… Fuck! Marilyn Monroe fake ass livlyhood,she was a whore for any man who had deep pockets,sucking a Kenndy’s brother dick is what made her more famous than she was after fucking a few other famous stars. NONSENSICAL SHIT.







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