Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Weird shit! People that know me, knows I go hard on their asses about whatever the fuck I feel strongly about expression nshit… I’ll say any muhfuckan thing that comes to mind… You muhfuckas aren’t special enough for me to withheld my thoughts. So,I blog shit! I prefer too because I have freedom of blogging… Lol.
What muhfuckas in their right mind would send me friend requests & knowingly I’m not the soft-spoken, careful what you say type muhfucka… What makes you think I won’t target your asses…
You niggas need to think shit out before considering, wanting to friend me… Muhfuckas! Ask yourselves are you sure you want to do this… Because, for most of my cyber friends has realized that, THIS PAGE ISN’T FOR YOU.





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