Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Selfie sh*t

This shit has a total different meaning when taking a picture of yourSELFIE .
I only thought it meant a picture of your face or the front of you…
I wouldn’t guess in my early years it would have meant posing from the ground & back side up… This is a whole different meaning.
Who would of guess a series of snapshots, ass only in a provocative position would be consider to be a selfie nshit. Another series of snaps in the bathroom mirror, bra & panties in the background with an open dirty smeared shitty looking shower curtain, toilet seat up & a trash can filled with tissue.
Don’t forget the bitch niggas too, in their panties taking mirror snaps with their blouses off checking the progress of their hormone breast shots…
This is an ongoing routine, clearly its a social media frenzy.




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