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I have been to hell

Not only I lived hell here on earth once, but, I been there too… I had lots of associates known as friends at the time, didn’t know how to differentiate the two…
I had to learn while in hell. HELL has taught me so much more than these so-called righteous muhfuckas… I learned a helluva lesson the hard way… If I hadn’t been hard-headed growing up, It all might have been avoided. But it happens, I survive and here I am today on Facebook with you petty crying ass muhfuckas over bullshit that doesn’t amount to a pile of shit…
Hell, probably was a better place in some instances…
Example: the separation from some of you muhfuckas definitely was appreciated.
I witnessed shit that can only mean I was in hell, no explanations can make me refrain from what I’ve witnessed…
I won’t go into further details because of the magnitude of publicity I might attract to myself and wish to avoid at this time. I just wanted to share the facts that hell does exist here on Earth without a doubt verses you believing it’s elsewhere after death…



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