Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage


I could tell you shit you haven’t experience unless you were part of this team over 25 years ago or more, the place of business was anywhere in the United States. A team of the coldest trained muhfuckas by one muhfucka from Compton, Ca. Took 20 guys and made machines out of these muhfuckas in record breaking time… They were recruited from the hood, fearless niggas with only one hope of direction, Up!!! Never to look back down… It’s only two ways out, success or death… Afterwards,  what you did with your money was your choice…
The daring adventures of 20 muhfuckas minus one committed suicide… It had its perks being a member of an unknown team of muhfuckas out to get rich without plans for longevity ,the only real successful muhfuckas were the niggas that did the recruiting & that funded it…. Fun was the mindset ,business was serious & money and women were the goal for most, but not all… This shit was more than a mission it was an awesome adventure too.
The hearts were with family back home, everyone prayed hopeful & they return the same way they left.
The danger was always the atmosphere, the environment was venomous… The rules were not to trust or love nobody period. The punishment was heinous.
Muhfuckas lives and walks this earth every day without no idea what’s going on underground. Shit is happening while you’re sleeping… You muhfuckas take life for granted and don’t have a clue how most of you are fortunate you are still alive because of crimes what others committed to keep you safe. You niggas think all life issues are misdemeanors, but it’s certain muhfuckas out here decides to let you slide.Sometimes it’s the only reason of your existence. Careful who you cross, eyes are on you muhfuckas @ all times… Slip up, you’ll see how fast the buzzards are picking at your bones. Just because you lived indoors figuratively speaking… It’s a whole different world out there you won’t ever know… That’s the truth,this shit can become your REALITY.



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