Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Blogging by my rules

…out of control, I’m not. Creative I am.
In this world I’m freed from rules of writers and my thoughts are sometimes somewhat beyond average & not often decent because of vulgarity nshit…
However my textmentship is effective… Again I display my creativity, I birth new words , watching & waiting for white America to steal my style how I create words using them to make sentences without the traditional terms and the punctuations & other replacements. Yet you muhfuckas understand what you’ve read without doubling back checking to see if you misread something that you thought might have been confusing.
Fuck the standard style of blogging because you are bound by rules of those that say “what is & what isn’t”, blogging…
Blogging is writing only to create a topic and write it just as if you were having a simple conversation… Fuck the pattern others blog nshit.
When I blog, fuck your rules nshit!!!



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