Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Online users

This is you too!!! No doubt about it muhfuckas!
You got a computer and you are online searching shit, like mad muhfuckas on ancestry com looking for lost family nshit that don’t want to be found. Like the Indians,they are tired of you relating yourselves to them. You niggas saying ” I got Indian in me” We all sick of hearing that rather you do or not. Anyways, back to you online users.
You muhfuckas are thinking way beyond your computer savvy skills… Stop with the expertism talk..  You are not certified technicians. You muhfuckas are users like dope junkies getting a high nothing more than that muhfuckas.  I’m sick of you muhfuckas diagnosing yours & other people computers because you can alcohol a cut & swabs bacteria & Band-Aid scrape areas…  You niggas couldn’t aid an assistant in a ass wipe emergency…
Stop bragging your fucken child is a computer genius and they can’t cure the dirt off their ass in bath water… Nasty fucks!!!
Parents try to make other muhfuckas proud of their child, like we stupid nshit… We see your child & yours aren’t no computer geniuses.
We know you muhfuckas are only ONLINE USERS.



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