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Kids be faking

I don’t like repeating shit when I know damn well you heard me the first time…
Kids like to try & bluff their parents as if they don’t know when there are being  summons nshit… Kids pretend to act deaf because they are thinking you’re only calling to enslave their asses for something to do that is not important to them… But you can call a kid in a mellow tone almost in a whisper, saying you got something for them. They can hear you miles away cause you said a few  keywords ( got something for you) . I don’t have the fucken patience to deal with kids playing childish games, acting & ignoring me. Muhfuckas being totally disobedient and not responding to my calling… I got something for their asses thinking they going to get away with their bad mannerisms. They’ve been taught to listen for you. But they are constantly closing doors soon as you turn your back, using that for an excuse not to hear you totally being blocked out… Fuck that!!! No more of that bullshit to be tolerated…
Start taking shit they value so much,then we’ll see how much KIDS BE FAKING.




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