Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Sly1 world

… as you muhfuckas can see I enjoy my hobby, blogging shit… I love the thought lots of you muhfuckas here in my blogosphere seeing if you can pick my mind to see if we jell… The answer to that is still fucking no!  I’m no way like you niggas. My world is to be complicated so that I’ll be able to have a reason to fuck with those that doesn’t have the slightest inclination who or what I am…
I appeared one day just as you all are suspecting the way Jesus is coming, only with a warning, not a date. I’m here and now you know it… Hate me or my blogs if you want too. But one thing for sure in this arena where anything goes, you muhfuckas are definitely a potential victim.
Webbed into a blog forcefully, host by trashbaggage…
Because It’s  SLY1 WORLD.





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