Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Storage space

I will absorb all of your gigabytes of storage space, no matter what level of intelligence you possess.You muhfuckas are overload, flooding brain space causing malfunctions thinking you niggas know everything and you don’t..  Imagine, if I knew everything, it wouldn’t be one nigga left of all nationalities.
It would be a sea darken with one race. God original people from the oldest Biblical land…
No trivial there, it’s self-explanatory. I would change the marital status, no laws of bigotry…
I might have to consider a nation of dictatorship since that I would be empowered by the people. Besides it would alleviate all of you guys thinking ability , sparing you the burden of headaches nshit…
This way you can preserve your brain STORAGE SPACE.



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