Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Just say goodbye

Dudes falling out crying like bitches cause they girl are now exes… She wants to move on to a better life after giving your sorry asses plenty of chances to grow up and be the man you tricked her into believing you claimed to be…
She found out different after a few unpaid bills & lots of procrastinating. Now you become combative nshit because she woke up!!!  Here you are a half-grown man @ 40 years of age, still needing your mama to breastfeed you through life… Punk ass muhfuckas still attached to the umbilical cord… Why you muhfuckas fall weak that you take it out on the very woman that gave you a child & an opportunity to prove yourself of something worthy… Instead, you do nothing but create chaos and fight women because they want a real life. You niggas only offer sex like it’s a fucken road map to a life of financial stability & longevity income. Retirement!!!  Listen, niggas, when a woman is fed up,let it go… No holding on or kissing one last time nshit. JUST SAY GOODBYE.




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