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Don’t do it Zim-ass

“BUSTED: Gun broker cancels sale of George Zimmerman’s gun used to kill Trayvon Martin”
Unbelievable Zimmerman trying to profit from his murder weapon.
You tell me if that isn’t the same shit done to black people during SLAVERY, again we see the display of white America smearing blood of black people in our faces and marketing it in public ,like it’s hunting season nshit… Selling weapons calling them tools to purchase for killing black people , now they want popularity for the gun that murdered Travon Martin.
This urgency to auction the murder weapon will only cause more racial tension regardless America don’t want it.
Whoever is to purchase this murder weapon will be shamed in front of the whole world to witness how someone would purchase this weapon as a proud trophy owner… as if to say ” this weapon killed a nigga that made me famous”. also a reminder, you could be putting your life in danger … racial tension causes vindictive actions. DON’T DO IT ZIM-ASS.



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