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She likes sex talk

Okay, first you want it,then you change your mind saying no more sex talk… Fuck all this back & forth shit!!! I’m going to say this for that. You say your shit & I’ll say mine.
Mine saying is this muhfuckas!  If I’m fucken your girl or your girl mother, it’s my fucken business. If she’s a talker so be it. She wants me to talk that’s cool with me. I’ll tell her how to fuck & suck my dick exactly how she wishes… I’ll flip her ass upside down and jam my tongue in her pussy deep,twirling it exactly how she wants it.  I’ll jack my dick on her face ,titties and rub it on her ass cheeks and write my name in cum. ROUND2.
Still talking, telling her to cuff her 💋‘s with a tight fit stroking harder & squeezing her titties ,pinching her nipples gently while she humping my knee until I lay her down. Sliding my dick in her pussy banging her head against the headboard while her neck is in an uncomfortable position & breathing hard,but don’t want to be disturb. The fucking is way too good to reposition because we both are bout to cum, still staring into each other’s eyes with the most serious stares & still talking, sweating like Niagara Falls. Pussy popping spreading wider, clinging onto her hips telling her here it comes, she’s talking louder” fuck me,this your pussy” … My heart beating against her chest as my dick about to explode… Awww, finally, that pussy was so good.
We are done!  Lmao!!! for this post. SHE LIKES SEX TALK.



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