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Hermaphrodites, I can understand they wanting a debate about public restroom issues and sending a requisition to the government wanting laws changed… It isn’t the same issues transgenders declaring for a change…  Totally different reasons for the need of public restroom access for two different types of genders.
Hermaphrodites are birth with both Penis & a Virgina .
Whereas a transgender has a surgical transformation ,fucken metamorphosis nshit exchanging a dick for a pussy installment or vice versa ,wanting to share restrooms with normal tube carrying muhfuckas that have correct born manufacture, original patent body parts .There are transgenders that haven’t gotten complete operative plumbing fixtures. They are still under construction without guarantees on completion dates… It’s now a demand wanting newer genders restrooms laws. Mandatory shit!!!
Guard your dick & pussy because it could be a jack move to get molested by a fake transgender in public restrooms. (I’m just saying) Now you got mufuckas paranoid who’s next to you standing @ a urinal with a custom made dick that once had a God given pussy. Now she’s a stiched dick half-man peeking over the divider at yours for curious doubts… This issue probably will cause 99 major problems. Because you’re uncertain about one, which type of gender you’re originally fucken.



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