Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Facebook intentional photo bombs.The muhfuckas that aren’t sneaking in the photo.
These the muhfuckas that you haven’t seen in God know when, now they’re your biggest supporters posing and grinning more than the student that’s graduating.
The proudest muhfuckas, as if you’re responsible for their success.
You stand there like we’re celebrating your day.
Niggas, you wasn’t part of the person life then, so don’t coming running now like you responsible for making it all happen. You haven’t gave one contribution & you  perpetrating, wanting everybody to think you had a part in their success. This is their graduation, sit your ass down. Niggas!!! Always has to show up and be seen, like don’t forget about me… Fuck that shit!
I guess you’ll be seen @ the next wedding or graduation too.
I’ll be like the other millions of muhfuckas.
Scrolling Facebook saying” HERE THEM GO AGAIN”.





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