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Trophy for show

Niggas don’t want a woman for keeping ,even in marriage. They want her as a trophy he accomplished just to impregnate her ,that’s his signature embedded in her belly for the world to know, he landed her . If she wasn’t his first,  he just wanted to be able to say he had her when you other niggas can only wish they had her… Niggas plays games beyond childish shit… That’s because a nigga ain’t shit… He’ll use his own kid as a pawn in his game only to claim ownership only wanting to keep the momma… He’ll use anything negative to empower himself to make her feel as if she needs him to live, even if it means physically abusing her. He’s a low-life muhfucka!
Weak niggas used this behavior thinking it’s mescaline… Stupid Muhfuckas!  Niggas doesn’t realize the damage they cause until it’s too late…  Now he wants to inspissate the situation hoping to overwhelm all the bullshit he initiated, provoking her into a life changing decision prematurely ,because of a stupid nigga stupidity…  Muhfuckas showing off the fact he can fuck over a good & beautiful woman ,yet he’s playing her, to fuck her and doesn’t give a fuck that he’s losing the best woman he’ll ever have, all cause he wanted her for his friends to see he’s using her just for a TROPHY FOR SHOW.





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