Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

We look @ women physical attraction first then the rest of her .We tried to explore the anatomy with our humanely X-ray vision,looking to see through at body parts.
Women look to see as a woman told me, a package ,meaning his dick print in his pants… I think if it’s a fine ass woman,fuck looking… just give me an indication you wanna fuck by grabbing my package… Lol, that will eliminate all the speculation nshit…
Just demand & grab ah niggas dick…
To be honest the younger generation does it almost exactly this way I’ve described.
Fuck,long-term introductions. Fuck, that! Get to the sex and this way you’ll know what you’re fucking with, then work on the compatibility… Women just wanna fuck although they won’t just come out and admit the shit like men would… Muhfuckas like beating around the bush more ways than one instead of being up front…
You know & I know that MANY WOMEN NO BETTER THAN MEN.



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