Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

there’s these certain type of women who claim how clean, neat & organized they are…
But when you see the INSIDE of the car they drive????
When I say it be ALL TYPES of bullshit trash and crumbs in they shit, dirty ass car chairs and fries in between the seats… fast food bags WITH food in them, shoes… Panties … cups.. Open liquor containers .. random lip gloss, baby bibs from 3 years ago and all types of shit…..
I be thoroughly confused 🙁
Why is your car different from your house?
How are you so “OCD” with the cleaning (cuz bitches SWEAR TO GOD that they have cleaning OCD) but the inside of your car looks like a children’s birthday party mixed with a naughty girl party, slash, “sometimes my boyfriend fucks bitches in my car and I can tell by the weave strands”?


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