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hate washing dishes

I came here to vent…
If you see me washing the fucking dishes, DO NOT TALK TO ME! I DO NOT WANNA TALK.
I have the biggest attitude imaginable. I am lucifer himself when it’s time to wash the dishes…
The whole time, I’m using every curse word available on every fuckin grown person who put a muthafuckin dish inside the sink, especially without rinsing it off!
How hard is it to rinse yo stinky ass food off your dish before you put it in the sink with the rest of the dishes that you AINT FINNA WASH!
I HATE washing dishes and I HATE seeing stinky dishes in the sink, ESPECIALLY if I have to be in the kitchen, cooking.
It irks my soul!
What a travesty 🙁
I’d rather throw them away and buy new 😤


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