Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage


They’ve been here, you just never paid close attention to detail what you thought was just a weird person acting funny because they can do some odd ass shit that you couldn’t imagine doing with a magic wand…
Imagine how your face would look to see a nigga with telekinesis capabilities.
Imagine a nigga doing some deadly ninja shit beating the shit out of a gang of muhfuckas,unusual skills for any ole ordinary nigga. LOL.
Have you ever noticed all the latest greatest magicians are from India or some 3rd world country doing some ridiculously magical shit that seems humanly impossible, not to say they are representatives and they’re from alien nations. There are muhfuckas here today on  earth that has been known to display some unexplainable shit then disappeared like some real shit, kids missing & pictures on milk cartons.That is totally fucked up & they can’t be found by the smartest humans on earth that’s some unjustifiable bullshit to me… All this technology people possess, weird mysterious things happening on this Earth makes you wonder, is it your neighbor, your teacher ,preachers or your friends, those we have mistakenly trusted were actually unworthy of trusting…
and could possibility be ALIENS.



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