Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Besties,you call them

Question:  Aren’t these the same muhfuckas you entrusted with your husband/wife and they fucked each other as if, it been planned since day one of you introducing them as your good friend. Trusting them with your life & welcoming them to invited sleep overs with your whole family nshit… These are the same muhfuckas you loan money too,you let drive your car,keys to your house even to pick up your children and ask to take your spouse along for a ride somewhere you couldn’t make it, to support some local event in your place.
They return late drunk nshit smelling like sex ,you ask questions in doubt but scared cause it’s a touchy subject, but the scent is overwhelming.
Now you feel you have probable cause for to whoop ass and anything else you want to do because you felt violated… All the shit you dealt with knowing you knew inside and thought it wasn’t necessary to ask, but it’s reality and it all happened by the very same muhfuckas, your BESTIES, YOU CALL THEM.



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