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I’ll stay here

There are millions of black people in America that was born & raised here . Millions of black ancestors help build and other generations that have come to past during my lifetime with my grand & great grandparents who also help build this nation . Yes , blacks gets fucked off in this country just like they killed even more black people in Africa , Burning babies and suicide bombers in Nigeria nshit …there are the militias following muhfuckas like Joseph Kony & Boko Haram, murderers at the highest level responsible for heinous crimes . My life is here in the prejudice United States of Amerikkka , my fight is here too. I’m not going back to live somewhere I’ve never lived with a people black as I am that doesn’t want shit to do with me . We talk about Africa, like they going to welcome us with open arms when In fact they hate our black American raised asses too . They prefer to see us dead faster than alive there, just as the White Supremacist wish to see you dead here . I can die here today without the thought of how i would probably die there,like being bombed to death or burnt in my village opposed to my hood here . Fuck niggas over there and the niggas I know right here . At least here I know who I am , I know where I fit in enough to know what Black people got my back. The world as a whole hates the American blacks than any other people on the planet . You muhfuckas tell me in an intelligent and diplomatic manner where am I more protected and where my voice can be heard with a chance of living to teach & help more black people interested in learning the original black history.
I rather live somewhere I might have a chance to exercise at least some appointed ,voted, given rights than to die just because I’m not a native born from Africa  or cause of  religious beliefs.
Africans over seas, sees me as the white man does here, a nigga to kill just as they are killing thousands of black people every gotdamn day in both countries . I feel I have more of a chance where I’m from than risking my life where I might go . You muhfuckas can go where you choose and that’s your decision . I can teach black & white history here reaching others everywhere. But, I prefer to do it here in a country my ancestors helped build . That gives me a right and reasons to build a future here in these states of everything good & bad just like in Africa . Fuck! I am done explaining for now . We all have burden of proof why this country owe black folks, I’m just gonna say this,I can do lots of meaningful work here . I’LL STAY HERE.




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