Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

I’m not going to peddle Americas brands of any sort on Facebook… Fuck, every & any American or nonblack nations. No name brand products that are being sold or for sale on Facebook won’t come from me.
I’ll never promote Nike & Gucci either, rather it’s British or Italian shit! a purse, shoes or bath products.
I dare not to post any of that meaningless bullshit of white Corporate America.
Negros ,they love advertising every other nationality but their own BLACK PEOPLE!!! You niggas are the worst kind of niggas, always willing to accept whatever they tell you just like a house nigga… Stop depending on and advertising everything you’re told & to display what your master(boss) offers you negros ignorant asses… Start acting like black people, be independent, shop at your own people businesses, post & advertise your own people or your own products.
Brand your own name on Facebook, use their arena the way they use you.
If ,you’re not going to push your own products or your own name brand on Facebook, what’s the point? Niggas you stupid!






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