Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Please! Sly1, shhh..

What the fuck! How dare any of you muhfuckas ask me to Shhh!!! Nshit… You’re on my timeline, so you muhfuckas need to be gone…
Don’t come on my page sending me messages why come I talk shit about women & men… Here’s my reply as always. If you feel the shit I blogged is similar to your situation for some odd reason, me not knowing who you are, that my post is pertaining to you… This automatically tells me something is definitely wrong with you… Frankly, I don’t give ah fuck whats your problem might be…  You are no way to think its humanly possible you can fuck with me…  I act & say as I see fit without the smallest thought of why you even exist… Unfriend me muhfuckas, whereas you can exercise your rights to remain stupid and be gone… I’ll make as much noise I want too nigga…
Niggas,,, you got nerves to tell me PLEASE! SLY 1, SHHH…



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