Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

True sh*t!!! Again…

I’ve said things so many times you niggas had to rethink and later discovering the truth… I’m here again with real statistics…
I remember growing up learning street shit faster than the life I was being brought up to live… Trouble started finding me and jailhouses where I started resting & landing in more serious locations for incarceration… Eighteen months to think how I thought everything I did was stupid… Truth is ,after not finishing high school in 1976 … I finished in 1992 attended a junior college and onto numerous trade schools… I wasn’t the smartest & definitely not the dumbest student,school and street wise.
But ,what I did learn and found out something about myself, I was smarter than most… I had nearly a million dollars hustling with a dynamic team of muhfuckas from around the states we got hoodrich together before it all crashed in the late 80’s after leaving California, to further up north & midwest… Young dumb muhfuckas without a plan…  The real New Jack city ignorant muhfuckas, niggas without a care, only love was for family back home… Muhfuckas out-of-state didn’t matter at all dead or alive… I was a money making nigga ,we were entrepreneurs with big business & had a major dummy business producing large revenue… You niggas fantasize about what we had,we lived it by any means necessary… I wasn’t dumb or slow… I was, in fact, considered a genius to most… I handle situations whereas you average muhfuckas need instructions from a physics professor nshit.
Nigga,I had it all once and about to get it again by the book this time…



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