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Jesus Jesus Jesus

…these niggas always screaming Jesus and don’t know who Jesus is or his real location . Why do these niggas look to something they don’t know for self, but trust the word of thieves & heathens and false leaders that hold meets in a place of worship to feed weaklings misinterpret shit… Niggas are unaware of brainwashed methods used by educated manipulators to lure you niggas with trickery.
Niggas been told a million times careful what pray for,, you muhfuckas still haven’t got the one miracle you all prayed for in common yet… an extension on the lives you wished didn’t die,you niggas asked Jesus not to take,but they died anyway for whatever reasons.
Then you’re sadden suddenly ,wishing god return them to you immediately, but no miracles again, another death and funeral burial or cremation.
It’s you begging bad ass muhfuckas asking why lord,yet you are supposed to have understanding why they had to die. But you still angry and can’t & won’t admit you scared to blame god. After all he’s watching over everything everywhere,Right!!! Then you all of sudden remembering to think and tell yourselves “God is good”. That is what you were taught to believe all your life… Now that a loved one laid to rest as you say, Now you say they’re with god…
The ultimate babysitter of the dead, now you’re at peace believing they are in good hands on the right side of god as the others that past before the billions ,as you say that’s in heaven…
Heaven, the home of where my good parents laid to rest the preacher said. Along with the murderers ,rapist & thieves all together waiting in the room… Heaven. Nobody knows when of the return of who you preparing for…
Funny how niggas working on a place to live after death ,but won’t feed his family while he’s alive on earth today…
Muhfuckas killing in the name of Allah & Jesus, and all the other faiths,beliefs & religions… Niggas worships false profits too & still sin daily as I do purposely & sometime not intentionally. Muhfuckas asking forgiveness,repeated acts of wrong doin repeatedly never learning their lessons  from all their mistakes. Then like a child ,calling for his mother knowingly you are in trouble facing harsh consequences.
Then you wanna cry JESUS JESUS JESUS




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