Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

No love here anymore.

I’m not fucken with love no more, a bitch did me wrong. If I was to kill, it would be the emotion of love… Hate that shit after all this time , love turned on me in such a way it’s no coming back or making up … I’m not made that way… Anytime a bitch does me how love did me, I kill before getting my feelings hurt like that again… I trusted a thing called love cause we were two people with one heart beat… I thought, ain’t that a bitch . After everything I felt for this girl ,it all went away within minutes after a badly heated moment of  bullshit, I was in disbelief how this bitch went ballistic just to ruin our love nshit… I knew this was it, for good!!! But before I was to wake up my buried evil spirits… I seriously had to grab myself ,squeezing my face praying, I don’t strangle this bitch to death.  I said lord, free me from these evil thoughts and this bitch…  She got saved!
No need for tears or a handkerchief , NO LOVE HERE ANYMORE.



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