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Ass selfies nsh*t

What happened when a woman would face forward and pose sexy & decent for a camera shot… Now all you get is fat asses from the biggest chicks with lots of landscape… The thinner or medium built chicks done gave up and let big asses move then out the spotlight… It’s funny, because, if you base your preferences on ass then it doesn’t make a difference you looking at a man or woman… You muhfuckas are twisted, even over a fucken picture… Muhfuckas, if you want a muhfucka to really see you, then stand your ass up in front of the camera where all of you can be exposed, let us see your face then determine if your asses are worth looking at… Every fucken time you look at a muhfuckas profile requesting to friend you,it’s  ASS SELFIES NSHIT.

fat ass




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